Hurouf: The Art of The Word

On 16 December Sotheby's is to present the first ever auction held by an international auction house dedicated entirely to calligraphy.

In selecting some of the most innovative calligraphers working with the Arabic script from Japan, the United States, Turkey, the Middle East, China and the Indian Sub-Continent, the auction aims to represent the development of an art form that has entered its second millennium.

The sale traces the development of the Arabic script from its inception, with kufic leaves dating from the 8th century, through popular calligraphy of the 19th century, to the highest caliber works by international calligraphers working today. Omar Bilbeisi was one of the few artists from the Middle East to be chosen by Sotheby’s to be represented in this auction.

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"Serenity" Art Exhibition at Gallery 14

An art exhibition entitled "Serenity" was inaugurated on Sunday the 22nd of August 2010 by Mr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman and CEO of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization at Gallery 14.

Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh, a well-known supporter of art and music expressed his admiration for the paintings and the subjects tackled and exucuted by the artists.

The exhibition presented the deep understanding of the world of colors by artists which included Mouhanna Durra, Ghada Dahdaleh, Mohammad Al Ameri, Omar Shahwan, Yousef Al Baddawi, Dodi Tabbaa, Omar Bilbeisi, Haya Abd Alhamid, Mohammad Abu Aziz and Hind Nasser.

The exhibition featured 67 artworks representing the work of well known Jordanian artists and upcoming young ones who have been asked to display their works which best depict “Serenity”.


The Articulate Baboon Gallery

In April 2010, Omar will be exhibiting his new work at the Articulate Baboon gallery located at the design center Designopolis in Cairo, Egypt. The gallery specializes in graffiti and calligraphy.


Sunny Art Fair

In December 2009, the Sunny Art Fair had its opening at the Zara Expo Center where several galleries and individual artists showcased their work. Omar Bilbeisi participated by presenting three paintings with two major galleries from Amman at the Art Fair.


Contemporary Calligraphic Art In The Arab World

On 14th December 2009, Omar Bilbeisi participated in the Contemporary Calligraphic Art in the Arab World exhibition held at the Nabad Art Gallery in Amman, Jordan with other Arab Artists specializing in calligraphy. The artwork exhibited all drew on the rich tradition of Arabic calligraphy, utilizing the Arabic script in new and creative ways, both in its abstract and traditional forms.


Together With 26 Artists From The European And Arab World

The project "Together" in Amman was initiated by the German art consultant Eva Mueller as a contribution towards a constructive cooperation of the cultures. The diverse points of view being expressed by the artists show connections and points of agreement beyond national, religious or cultural sort and thus reveal the similarities hardly perceived at the moment and the possibility of mutual understanding. As art consultant and curator Eva Mueller says: with the current world situation, what we need most is more thinking and acting together. The exhibition under the patronage of HRH Princess Wijdan Al Hashemi and in cooperation with Dr. Khaled Khreis of the National Gallery of Fine Arts was inaugurated on Noveber 26th 2008 and showed pieces of art by 26 artists from 12 countires and was accompanied by an artist exchange and an art-pedagogic project for traumatized refugee children.

Omar Bilbeisi was one of the artists participating in the exhibition and he showcased three of his calligraphic pieces.


Occupied Space at The Mosaic Rooms, London

Omar Bilbeisi donated a painting and exhibited at Occupied Space 2008 which an exhibition of works by artists from Palestine, the Arab world, China and the UK, organised by the UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in association with the A.M. Qattan Foundation. Artists from outside Palestine generously donated their work to the exhibition. Proceeds from sales went to the artists in Palestine and to supporting PSC's campaigns in the UK.


The exhibition was sponsored by The Galilee Foundation, HBK Investments, Mena Capital and Rana Sadik Younis and other private sponsors.


Colors of Art at Zara Gallery, Amman

Colors of Art exhibition at Zara Gallery on 8th September saw an exhibition of various Jordanian and Arab artists that showcased their colorful works. Omar Bilbeisi showed his diverse styles by exhibiting two figurative paintings


Reunion of Love at Zara Gallery, Amman

After an absence that lasted three months, Zara gallery reopened its Gallery on June 23rd, 2008 with its contemporary cutting edge look in a "Reunion of Love"; a collective exhibition featuring a group of renowned Jordanian artists.

The "Reunion of Love" exhibition is the fullfillment of Zara Gallery's vision of bringing together the creativity of Jordanian artists expressed through several schools of art. This reunion witnessed artists who have supported the gallery's vision and mission throughout the years in addition to talents who were hosted for the first time at the Gallery.

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